Bendigo Model Yacht Club Visit

Written by Don Bennett, member of the Bendigo Stroke Support Centre.

The Bendigo ‘Blokes with Strokes’ members enjoyed the company of the Bendigo Model Yacht Club at Lake Werroona last week.

At the invitation of the Yacht Club members we attended their regular weekly meeting. The ‘Yachties’ outlined their club’s objectives then encouraged the ‘Strokies’ to try their skills in sailing their yachts across the waters of Lake Werroona.

After a short session, under guidance the new ‘Skippers’ aided by the light north-easterly wind, had their crafts skimming around the buoys of the competition course. The Yachties must have been impressed with our rapidly acquired skills as we hadn’t let a boat escape or crash onto the island, and they were soon arranging for us to be tested out under race conditions.

The rules of the contest were outlined; three laps around the buoys, no deliberate crashing of the opposing craft (even if they looked like heading you off), start on the hooter and finish on the gun.
As the countdown to GO began, the majority of us were totally out of position when the hooter sounded the start, never-the-less the event was keenly contested but as the race progressed it was clear to see which boats were under the control of the experienced operators and which were in the hands of the novices. One highlight of the event was when the unexpected BANG of finish gun scared the daylights out of everyone.

The members of the Bendigo Blokes with Strokes group wish to extend their thanks to the Model Yacht Club members for their hospitality, their patience in explaining and demonstrating how the yachts were operated, and making their craft available for our group to sail. Their enthusiasm and companionship ensured that everybody had a very enlightening and entertaining visit and introduced another passive recreation activity that could be pursued.

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