Craft Demonstration: Easter Egg Soaps

Hazy shows you how to create your very own Easter egg soaps made from old soaps.

The ingredients, equipment and method are outlined below the video so that you can follow the steps at your own pace.

Hazy Connelly is the Newport Stroke Support Centre Coordinator.


6 Repurposed soaps – 15g bars from hotels

½ a cup of milk 

½ a cup of water

5-10 drops of preferred essential oil for scent

5-10 drops of preferred food colouring

Surprise toy if you wish



Grater or knife

Plate or chopping board

Soap moulds 


Syringe (only for specific moulds)

Metal bowl and saucepan



  1. Prepare the moulds as needed, for me this meant taping off the excess holes on the egg moulds and carving one of the holes big enough to fit a syringe in, however you can use egg shaped silicone ice cube moulds, to make this a lot easier.
  2. Grate, slice or chop up the soap into tiny pieces. Use caution when handling sharp knives.
  3. Bring a saucepan of water to the boil with a metal bowl over it, reduce the heat to a simmer.
  4. Pour soap pieces and milk into the bowl that is above the simmering water, stir in water gradually. I don’t always measure however I used approximately half a cup of milk and just over half a cup of water.
  5. Stir constantly until a thick syrup forms, don’t be to particular about it being chunky, the chunks wont effect the look or smell of the soap.
  6. Drop in essential oils, and food colouring stir until colouring is consistent, some colours and oils may require more drops than others. Place the toy inside the mould now if you are doing this step.
  7. Spoon in as much of the mixture as possible before closing the mould and syringing in the rest, careful hot soap can cause serious burns so handle with care and use help if needed.
  8. Allow to cool, to speed the process up you can put these in the fridge for an hour or two depending on how fast you filled the moulds.
  9. Pop out of the moulds, wrap in tissue paper or cellophane. Give these to friends and their kids – they might appreciate a break from chocolate!


Stay safe, isolate as much as is possible right now and share your Easter Crafts on Facebook with us by taking a picture or sharing tips and tricks. 

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