Meet our Will2Walk Hero – Emily!

Will2Walk Hero Emily shares her stroke experience and her motivation for what will be her third Will2Walk event.


Hi, I’m Emily. I’m 25 years old and I’ve had seven strokes which left me paralysed on both sides of my body. I had strokes when I was 15, 17, 18, 19 and another three when I was 23. I was paralysed on both sides in June 2018. 

Six strokes have occurred on the right side of my brain which controls the ability to speak and understand language. One occurred on the left side of my brain which controls the ability to pay attention, recognize things you see, hear or touch, and be aware of your own body.

I’ve finally been diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called ada2, which means parts of my veins were breaking off and travelling up to my brain. I can’t walk by myself now but I’m really hoping to soon.

I’m taking part in Will2Walk this year to let other people know it doesn’t matter how fit or young you are, strokes can still happen to anyone. I’ll be riding my scooter for the first part, and finishing the event off with my walker.

Will2Walk means exactly that to me – my will to be able to walk independently again and help others learn about the effects of stroke.


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