Dr Carli Roulston

Board Member
  • BSc (Hons) PhD

Dr Roulston commenced research in stroke during her PhD studies at Monash University in 2000 with Professor Bevyn Jarrott. In July 2001, she was recruited to the Howard Florey Institute with funding from Neuroscience Victoria to establish stroke models for assessing novel flavonoid compounds for neuroprotection (now NeuProtect). In 2009, Dr Roulston was appointed Team Leader of Stroke at the O’Brien Institute for Tissue Engineering, where she investigated the role of angiogenesis in stem cell transplant for brain repair (NHMRC #628767).

In 2013, she relocated to the Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne, as Team Leader of Neurotrauma Research. Current projects include; investigating drug treatments that target the neurovascular unit after stroke; and the use of implantable electrodes to monitor and map brain recovery during electrical stimulation in collaboration with the Bionics Institute.

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