Sienna Posso

Regional Coordinator - Barwon South West

Sienna’s experiences set her aside from other SAV centre coordinators. Sienna started out as a pastry chef before joining SAV as a member in 2017. She has had 3 strokes in her life which led her to the Barwon Stroke Support Centre. With Sienna’s medical history she started as a founding member of the “Young Stroke Support Group”. From there she used her previous kitchen experience to volunteer running “Sienna’s Cooking Club”, before becoming the Barwon South West Region Coordinator.

With this lived experience she brings a member focused point of view to the SAV team. Sienna has a passion for making each member’s life as fulfilling as possible by making the Barwon Stroke Support Centre a place where members feel comfortable, understood and have the opportunity to re engage with their wider community. Sienna is also studying a Diploma in Community Service to further herself and help support what she is doing professionally.

As the coordinator, Sienna’s tasks include running day to day groups, organising events, fostering local partnerships, fundraising and managing volunteers.

Sienna loves a good book, watching TV series start to finish with her new husband, cooking amazing food, and mostly being a big kid!

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