Stroke Support Centres

Our three established Stroke Support Centres, located in Bendigo, Barwon (Geelong) and Shepparton, are a local hub for stroke survivors transitioning out of clinical care, where they can receive hands-on support and education on real-life needs and services. Our team aim to deliver the following support services at all or our support centres:

Independent Services

No two strokes are the same and even life’s basic chores can become difficult for many survivors, due to temporary or long-term impairments. Our support groups and volunteers have collectively experienced most of the challenges that develop when facing life after stroke and through group or one-on-one meetings, survivors and carers can learn from others who have learned both new skills and new ways of completing familiar tasks. There are often simple solutions that have been learned by stroke survivors that have been where you may be now.

Self-Led Recovery

Survivors may experience debilitating mental and/or physical conditions, not to mention heightened anxiety and mental health issues. We know that recovery is long-term, normally well beyond a survivor’s sick leave entitlements, leaving family and carers to carry the burden. Stroke recovery is often equated to Acquired Brain Injury; but this is unrealistic both clinically and socio-economically. In many cases, there are limited recovery services available. Through years of experience, our volunteers have a vast knowledge about how to engage in self-led recovery. This is not clinical recovery; but a collection of activities and exercises that are delivered as part of a peer support process. By listening to the progress of others and the steps they have taken, new survivors can gain the confidence and techniques that suit them best.

Social Activities

Social inclusion is vital for people in their life after stroke. Many survivors become anxious, lose self-confidence and retreat from social settings after a stroke. We know how important it is to reclaim your life after stroke; whatever your new direction may be. The Association has peer stroke support groups throughout Victoria and we run different activities across the state. In many cases, our volunteers and staff members can work with individuals to link them with like-minded community groups and sporting clubs to ensure inclusion and active participation.

Educative Talks

A life after stroke can involve a number of changes, not the least of which is navigating the service providers you may now rely upon more often. We encourage educative talks at meetings from a range of providers who in some cases can make life easier for survivors and their carers. These community partners may be from medical circles, home care or other relevant community groups. To learn more, contact the head office or your local peer stroke support group.

We aim to provide every stroke survivor and carer access to the information, volunteer peer support groups and recovery activities they need to re-engage with their community throughout Victoria.  See Where can I find support?  for details.



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