Stroke Association of Victoria Inc.
The Stroke Association of Victoria aims to help those affected by stroke - we can really make a difference - just ask.
Our vision is for a life after stroke for everyone

The Stroke Association of Victoria (SAV) is a proud community organisation of 30 years. SAV is the only dedicated provider of community-based peer support for stroke survivors and carers.

SAV is a member-based organisation with over 30 support groups assisting people around Victoria to re-engage with their community post clinical care. In order to provide comprehensive, rehabilitative support and community re-engagement for survivors and carers, SAV provides a number of programs and activities.

SAV will soon release its next three year plan outlining a clear pathway of support for those facing life after stroke.

Stroke affects hundreds of thousands of Australians every year and we must do more to assist survivors with hands-on support. At SAV, we know that there are some things that only a stroke survivor or carer can know about living a life after stroke and our experienced volunteer support groups are here to help those Victorians who experience a stroke and their families.

To contact us and learn about our state-wide network of support groups, call: 03 9670 1117 Alternately, to contact our Board or staff, please email:

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