Stroke Association of Victoria Inc.
The Stroke Association of Victoria aims to help those affected by stroke - we can really make a difference - just ask.
 You have reached the Website of the Stroke Association of Victoria Inc. (SAV)

 SAV is a not-for-profit incorporated organisation that is run by unpaid volunteers who provide a range of support and information services for people affected by stroke, their families and carers. We will also advocate on their behalf.
 Cruise this site by using the menu on the left. This site contains a mass of information and accounts of life experiences by stroke survivors, all intended to help you. It also has details of support contact points and details of stroke support groups around Victoria.
 An experienced survivor/carer is available (approx 8.00am to 7.00pm) to discuss the particular stroke issues that concern you, on telephone : -

           03 9670 1117

 If you need support, advice, an understanding ear, or just a good shoulder,  call the telephone number shown above.

 Further information about stroke is available through the Menu on the left.

Stroke Association of Victoria Inc. has been made aware of a scam whereby a person from a so-called donation collection company is claiming to represent SAV Inc. Contact is made by telephone and a request is made for a donation to his company for direction to SAV Inc.
Alternatively, a business person may be prompted to support SAV Inc. by placing an advertisement in a nominated magazine.

The person also makes a point of mentioning the name of our Secretary in order to validate his request.

SAV does NOT contact anyone by telephone to solicit donations, neither have we contracted any organisation to do telephone canvassing on our behalf.

If you wish to make a donation to support us with our work please use the options shown on our 'Donations' web page.

We thank you for your support and be vigilant.

If you would like to make a donation to SAV Inc. to help us with our work, 'Click' on the icon to go to the Donations page.

The contents of this Website are for the information of the general public in relation to stroke, the causes and prevention of stroke; it has accounts by carers and survivors of life experiences after stroke.
 The contents may be used for educational, rehabilitation and stroke support purposes without further reference to this Association. We use this information to help others and we publish this website to support those who are seeking help and for those who require information about stroke support.
 The Stroke Association of Victoria Inc., the Committee of Management or the Webmaster cannot and will not be held responsible for any consequences resulting from the use of any information, medical or otherwise contained within this site. We always recommend that you discuss health matters with your health professional.