What we do

We have Stroke Support Centres and Peer Stroke Support Groups across Victoria, focused on ensuring community inclusion for stroke survivors.

Stroke Support Centres

Our Stroke Support Centres aim to bridge the gap from discharge to community re-engagement. Through effective connections with community, general practitioners and allied-health providers, we aim to assist each stroke survivor with their longer-term recovery. We do this through non-clinical, community-based support and self-led recovery including communication, mood, mobility and community engagement.

Optimum Health & Wellbeing Programs

These programs are a collection of health and wellness activities and experiences that the Association facilitates for survivors and carers. Some activities are structured around a strengths-based approach, working with each individual and their own capacity and level of ability. Others are interest-based, focusing on activities and programs that the individual has identified as an existing or new opportunity to engage in. Group program sessions are also run where possible, ranging from activities like mindfulness and meditation to low-impact sports, cooking, crafts and singing; all aimed at recovery and self-empowerment outcomes.

Did you know?

According to Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, stroke kills more women than breast cancer and more men than prostate cancer.

Vocational Mentoring

As a result of SAV’s partnership with Rotary International (District 9800), “Life After Stroke” mentoring has been formed. The project involves matching a Rotarian with appropriate vocational experience and connections to each participating stroke survivor. The aim of the project is to provide mentoring and workplace support for the stroke survivor and enable them to re-engage in vocational activities and/or paid employment.

Deloitte Access Economics states the financial cost of stroke in Australia is estimated to be $5 billion each year.

Did you know?
The Stroke Association of Victoria is focused on ensuring community inclusion for stroke survivors.Donate today
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