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The Stroke Association of Victoria is a dedicated community-based support service for people re-entering their lives after having a stroke. Our team is focused on ensuring community inclusion through the following stroke support programs and services:

Stroke Support Centres

We aim to run a number of Stroke Support Centres across Victoria, focused on ensuring community inclusion for stroke survivors. Our Centres are a local hub for stroke survivors transitioning out of clinical care where they can receive support and education on real-life needs and services.

Our aim is to bridge the gap from when a stroke survivor leaves clinical care to when they are able to re-engage with their community.

Online Stroke Support

We recognise the need for making stroke support more geographically accessible and have developed an online stroke support program. The program is run via the ZOOM platform and is open to stroke survivors and their carers across Victoria, no matter where they are located.

The online stroke support program provides stroke survivors & their carers with COVIDsafe access to skill development activities, educational talks, and social connection with peers. More information can be found here.

Skill Development & Assisted activities

Our Centres provide activities on a rotating monthly schedule and are structured around a strength-based or an interest-based approach. Strength-based activities work with individual members and their own capacity/level of ability, such as our upper limb recovery program, using ableX & ableM devices. Interest-based activities are activities that individual members have identified as an existing or new opportunity to engage in.

Group activities include mindfulness, meditation, cooking, art therapy, singing, and low-impact sports, such as chair-based yoga; all aimed at self-led recovery and empowerment outcomes. Some of these group activities are also offered through our online stroke support program.

At request, we also provide our members with access to a qualified Psychologist and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation expert for psychological assistance.

Vocation Support Program

From 2017-2019, SAV, in partnership with Deakin University, and funded by AMP Foundation, undertook an action research project with working-age stroke survivors in Geelong. The project resulted in a 21% increase in post-stroke employment for program participants (71% of program participants returned to work compared to just 50% of the general working-age stroke population). We aim to replicate this success at all Stroke Support Centres.

Peer Stroke Support Groups

A safe space where stroke survivors and carers can come together to provide each other with emotional support & mutual understanding. Peer Stroke Support Groups are offered at each Stroke Support Centre and through our online stroke support program.

Community-run Peer Stroke Support Groups also exist across Victoria and vary in their activities and facilities. Groups are always welcoming to new members and the Stroke Association of Victoria encourages those interested to participate in these community groups. Find your nearest Peer Stroke Support Group here.

Social & Recreational Activities

Our Centre Coordinators know the importance of social connection, as a result, we host social activities such as movie nights at our Centres, as well as arrange social outings within the local community. Centre members are assisted to link in with like-minded community groups & sporting clubs to ensure inclusion & active participation.

Educational Talks

Our Centre Coordinators arrange educational talks from a range of providers and community partners based on the needs and interests of our members. These educational talks are offered as an in-person service at our Stroke Support Centres and through our online stroke support program.

Find support near you, alternatively, you can access online stroke support no matter where you live in Victoria.



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